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DNA Test – Buy your home DNA paternity test kit now

Key Forensic Services offer you the opportunity to buy your own home DNA test kit. It’s an efficient, affordable and reliable way to carry out your own DNA paternity test. We aim to help give you the peace of mind you need.

We will send the kit direct to you, so you can take your samples in the comfort and privacy of your own home. You then simply return the kit to us and we will let you know the results within days. It’s the quick, easy and affordable way to take a DNA paternity test – it’s also accurate and completely confidential.

Buy your home DNA paternity test kit today

To order your easy-to-use, fast and accurate home DNA Paternity test now, simply click here. (Please note these tests are not for legal or immigration purposes)

Our DNA paternity tests are provided to establish paternity, which means they can confirm if you and another person/persons are biologically related. These relationship tests are for personal use, which means they give you the information you need and, ultimately, puts your mind at rest. Your samples will be tested by our scientists in our accredited laboratories. They are the most accurate way of helping prove relationships, with a success rate of 99.999%.

DNA paternity tests differ from legal or immigration DNA tests. Legal DNA tests, for example, are used when a court has ordered that a DNA paternity test must be undertaken, while immigration DNA tests can be used to support your application to UK Visas and Immigration service to help determine a person or persons’ relationship with a family member who legally lives in the UK. For more information on legal DNA tests please click here. For more details about immigration DNA tests, please click here.

Our DNA paternity kits are really easy to use. We want them to be, because we want you to have complete confidence in using them. When you buy your DNA relationship test kit from us, we will send it out to you for you to carry out in the comfort of your own home, including all the helpful instructions you need to make sure it’s carried out properly. All you have to do is take your cheek swab samples with the kit provided, and then return them to us in the envelope provided. Our expert DNA scientists will then test your DNA samples and let you know the results within days. It really is as easy as that, and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that discretion is absolutely assured.

    These are the five simple steps to your DNA Peace of Mind test:

    1. Buy your DNA Paternity test kit

    2. Receive your sample kit at your home

    3. Take your samples, following our easy-to-use instructions

    4. Send your samples back to us in the envelope provided

    5. Receive your results within five days

If you have any questions or queries about our DNA relationship testing services, you will find all the answers in our FAQs section here

At Key Forensic Services, we pride ourselves on always putting you first. Not only is your confidentiality key to us, but so too is the integrity and quality of our service. We are world- leaders in fast and affordable DNA testing, which our scientists have been carrying out in our own laboratories for many years, for a whole range of customers from all walks of life. You can put your trust in Key Forensic Services.

  • Our laboratory processes are UKAS ISO17025 accredited
  • Our DNA relationship tests are widely accepted as being the most accurate available (99.999% accurate)
  • Our DNA paternity tests are easy to use
  • You choose how many people you wish to test
  • We send your sample kit direct to your door
  • All tests and results are confidential
  • We have a fast turnaround, returning your test results within five days
  • Our prices are affordable and competitive
  • We have your best interests at heart

Watch the video

The test just takes a few minutes and is very straight forward to complete click here to watch the 'How to Video' now.

Buy your home DNA paternity test kit today

Our DNA tests cost just £95 (including one father and one child), are 99.999% reliable, have a fast turnaround and are completely confidential. Any additional test is charged at £95 per person. We will deliver your DNA paternity test results in approximately 5 working days from receipt of your test.

To order your easy-to-use, fast and accurate home DNA Paternity test now, simply click here and follow the instructions on the page.

Please note that DNA paternity test kit(s) and test results will be sent to one address only, this can be selected at the time of ordering.

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