DNA Crime Stains

Key Forensic Services’ DNA profiling laboratory is the home to dedicated search and recovery teams, DNA analysts and forensic reporting managers.

Experts in obtaining DNA profiles from minute DNA-bearing sources

DNA evidence provides intelligence and evidential information, and by using our sensitive and highly-discriminating profiling techniques we can obtain DNA profiles from minute DNA-bearing sources.

We offer search and recovery of submissions, comparisons and loading to the National DNA Database®, and our team of DNA reporting managers are experienced in the interpretation and reporting of DNA evidence, regularly offering expert testimony in court.
Our team will also regularly provide our customers with a suite of DNA performance data, including DNA success rates for our customer and comparative success rates for all our customers to identify trend variations; turnaround time performance; match probability of partial profiles; summary of speculative searches; SOCO performance data, mapping types of submission versus DNA profiling outcome; financial reporting; and bespoke reports as required by customers to support specific operations.

Within the DNA Service, we provide:

  • Examination of submissions with visible DNA-rich material, for example blood, or where appropriate, identifying the location of potential latent material, such as saliva
  • Phased examinations, prioritising against other items in the same case for processing according to the likelihood of obtaining a result. Selection and recovery of the most relevant sample of potentially DNA rich material
  • Re-profiling a sample to improve the result if required
  • Assessment and interpretation of the profiling results
  • Submitting suitable profiles to the National DNA Database®
  • Conducting speculative searches of the National DNA Database®
  • A proforma report and if required, an expert statement suitable for court presentation
  • Scientific, technical advice and forensic training