Fire Scene Investigation Service

Key Forensic Services’ specialist branch of fire scene investigation experts are highly-skilled scientists who can determine where, when and how a fire started.

Effective evaluation of documentary, photographic & video fire scene evidence

Our team of fire investigation specialists at Key Forensic Services have worked on some of the most high-profile, sensitive cases in the UK, including the Grenfell Tower tragedy of 2017.

By examining the scene of a fire, reviewing the physical evidence and taking into account background information from witnesses and emergency service personnel, we are often able to pinpoint exactly where, when and how a fire started.
Our fire investigation experts can locate the origin of the fire, excavate areas of interest, determine the spread of the fire and evaluate all the evidence that has been identified, such as the presence of any accelerants and/or electrical appliances suspected to be a source of ignition.
We can also provide an interpretation or opinion on the cause and/or effect of the fire, taking into consideration all available information. This can include evaluation of the potential spread of a fire, had it not been extinguished, with a view to making comment on any endangerment to life the fire may have posed.
Our experts will then be able to provide abbreviated statements or reports, experts’ statements suitable for court presentation in line with customer requirements, and expert court testimony.

Within the Fire Investigation service, we provide:

  • In addition to scene attendance, we can evaluate appropriate documentary, photographic and video evidence in the context of any investigation, and provide assistance in formulating forensic strategies and directing lines of enquiry
  • We can also undertake case reviews of fire incidents for both active and old cases, where we interpret and justify the and/or comment on any interpretation made by other experts
  • Scientific, technical advice and training