Footwear Examination Service

Key Forensic Services has the expertise and technology to gather an abundance of information from a crime scene – from even a footprint – that can link, or eliminate, a suspect.

Helping to link or eliminate suspects through Footwear Forensics

Footwear forensics evidence has the potential to link an item of footwear with an impression recovered from a crime scene, or visible on the skin of a victim.

Our forensic scientists can accurately compare marks from the scene with control marks made by footwear taken from suspects.

Our findings can then uniquely link or eliminate a suspect, or provide supporting evidence where a categorical opinion is not possible.

Within our Footwear Forensic Service, Key Forensic Services provide:

  • Screening examination of footwear and scene items to assess the potential for a connection to be established
  • Detailed evidential comparison of footwear items with impressions recovered from a crime scene or victim, including enhancement. The scene mark and control marks from the footwear are compared in terms of class characteristics, such as pattern and configuration, and identifying characteristics, such as wear and damage features. Consideration of all these factors allows the scientist to form an evaluative opinion
  • Evaluation of scene-to-scene links
  • Recording of details of the appearance, identifying marks, features and condition of the items, using photographic records and/or notes and diagrams as appropriate, prior to and during any subsequent examination
  • Maintenance and interrogation of reference intelligence systems and databases to identify make and model, and where possible, indicative size of the footwear items responsible for making crime scene marks
  • Provision of abbreviated statements or reports, experts’ statements suitable for court presentation in line with customer requirements and the provision of expert court testimony
  • Scientific, technical advice and forensic training