Specialist DNA Services for the Defence

At Key Forensic Services, our DNA specialists have extensive experience and use world-leading technology to offer a range of forensic DNA testing services, designed to provide a meaningful result when conventional DNA profiling has not succeeded.

Using world-leading technology STRmix™ to assist in DNA profile interpretation

Our DNA specialists have worked with police forces, solicitors and barristers all around the UK for many years, developing long-established relationships that are built on our core foundations of trust and integrity.

Key Forensic Services recognises the importance of utilising the very best methods in sexual offence casework to ensure the best outcomes for victims, and the techniques we use have been proven to be robust and effective.

Advances in DNA profiling techniques in recent years has enabled the enhancement of current methods to maximise DNA recovery, particularly when using our Enhanced Extraction of DNA from Semen (EEDS) technique.

KFS recognise the importance to investigators in maximising the value from mixed DNA profiles. To that end, we have invested in world-leading technology STRmix™ to assist in DNA profile interpretation.

KFS recognises the growing contribution that supplementary analyses, such as Y-STR profiling, are making to the outcome of sexual offence investigations. We use the best analytical solutions to ensure the best possible outcomes for victims.

Our Y-STR profiling technique is ISO 17025 accredited and can be applied across a range of case types. It is most suited to sexual offences where little or no material from the male is detected in routine sampling.

KFS appreciates the highly sensitive nature of cases involving disputed family relationships

We strive to deliver a high level of integrity and confidentiality backed by the latest scientific techniques. Our expertise in civil and criminal casework, and the identification of missing persons and deceased individuals puts us at the forefront of suppliers of these services.

A wide variety of relationship testing

DNA relationship testing is often used in criminal investigations involving rape or incest. DNA relationship testing techniques can also be used to identify missing persons, victims or suspects through their family members who are available for testing.

KFS also offers a range of Kinship Tests, which can test whether two individuals may have a certain or no degree of relationship.

DNA Analysis and Extraction

KFS recognises that standard approaches to DNA analysis do not always yield the best outcomes, and our DNA team continues to work on new methods to maximise the yield and quality of DNA extracted from more challenging samples, such as bone, teeth and faeces.

Our specialist DNA extraction techniques may be applied in a range of cases, including those involving unidentified human remains, decomposed or burnt body parts, missing persons and the deposition of faeces at crime scenes.